Ingrown Toenail Surgery

Podiatrists can treat ingrown toenails at any stage, whether there be infection present or not. A longer term treatment may be required if the problem is recurring or infection hasn’t responded to antibiotic therapy. A podiatrist is experienced at treating ingrown nails at various stages on a daily basis. Some nails are curved in shape and push into the flesh, the eirlier the problem is addressed, the easier it is to relieve. Some merely have a callus build-up under the nail which is immediately relieved.

Infected toes are painful and local anaesthetic can be administered for easier removal of nail.
Nail edge removal through phenolisation and nail surgery by a podiatrist is the preferred long-term treatment for recurring problems or deep infection. As podiatrists we do extensive follow-up and dressings post-operatively for up to 3 months. Normally a person can wear normal shoes with in a day or 2 of phenolisation prcedures, and only a panadol is occasionally required the first night post-operatively. Private health funds vary in their rebates for nail surgery; It’s best to check the details with your fund.

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