Health Shoes

Vionic Brand

A range of sandals and shoes with arch support and cushioning are available at Buderim Podiatry . Alternatively these can be purchased on-line through Vionic: follow this link>   Vionic online shoe store  . Please come in and have a trial fitting, we just might have your size in stock.

Revere Brand

A new alternative range of shoes and sandals has been added called ‘Revere’. These sandals have a removable footbed and accommodate different styles of orthotics. The vidoe explains how these shoes differ from other brands.

Wearing your custom made orthotics in summer can be difficult in sandals not designed to accommodate orthotics, this is where Revere shoes help support the arch and cushion the foot from hard floors and tiled surfaces. All shoes come with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee.

* details in store