A customer using a custom made orthotic insoles to help relieve pain on the Sunshine Coast

Orthotic Insoles for the Sunshine Coast


Pain in your foot and heels can make even the easiest of tasks a bit more difficult. If you have recently suffered from a foot injury or if you have noticed consistent pain in your foot, heel, or legs, Buderim Podiatry has the skills and products you need for lasting relief.

We have a variety of orthotic insoles that can support your feet and heels so that you can have relief throughout your day. We offer affordable prices on all our orthotics so that you can get back on your feet.

What are orthotics and how can they help?

Orthotics are podiatrist-prescribed and specifically made to your unique foot shape for added support. Whether due to an injury or a chronic condition, your feet can work in an imbalanced way that orthotics can help relieve.

Foot, heel and leg pain can be part of a variety of uncomfortable conditions that can cause fatigue or limit your mobility. With professional care and the help of orthotic insoles, you can get energy and life back into your daily routine. We pride ourselves on our commitment to your needs and we’re excited to help you find lasting relief.

Our dedicated podiatrists can help analyse your foot and heel troubles and create an orthotic insole that will benefit your condition, matching your footwear. Some orthotic insoles can be taken home on the same day, and others require custom manufacture taking a little more time, but it’s worth the wait.

Why choose Buderim Podiatry and our orthotic insoles?

We can accommodate your needs and schedule a visit, 5 days a week in our central Sunshine Coast Buderim rooms. No matter the complexity of your foot or heel pain, we have the can-do attitude to provide you with lasting results.

To learn more, call us on (07) 5445 1376 or fill out our online booking form.